Some architecture religion in Singapore

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    1. Temple Central Sikh
    Temple Central Sikh
    Temple Central Sikh is where prayer of about 15,000 people Singapore religious Sikh (church only a god is God), the temple Central Sikh was built to celebrate on that 518 on birthday of Guru Nanak, the moral master religious Sikh first.
    Also known call Wada Gurdrawa (Temple large), temple is an ingenious manipulation between architecture modern and traditional. Step in cathedrals risk Russia and admire the dome wide 13 m is studded with tiles so white, gray and yellow metal. The aisle also stored book Granth Sahib, a bible recorded marks long history of community moral Sikh indigenous.
    The temple was awarded the architectural design sia in 1986.
    Location: 2 Towner Road Singapore 913236.
    Instructions: Go subway mrt station from Dhoby Ghaut (NS24) Station Farrer (went into mayonnaise8) and follow panel instructions go to the temple.
    2. The church Armenian community
    Church Armenian community
    was built in the year 1835, Church card on the street Hill church Christians oldest in Singapore. Designed by architect Irish George Coleman, church is viewed as a masterpiece of Coleman to remember Bible Gregory - The Enlightenment, the clergyman Armenian first.
    Read more: >>>
    Go for a walk in the garden green and admire style architecture outside the church before step inside. Tower pyramidal high defense above the buildings and columns style architecture ancient Greek with a rail two sides brace roof gate white. When step inside, you looked up at the ceiling bend the dome and the apex dome bring style architecture Church Armenian traditional.
    Location: 60 Hill Street Singapore 179366
    Instructions: Go subway mrt station City Hall (EW13/NS25) and walk toward the city Hill
    3. The Mosque Hajjah Fatimah
    Temple Islamic Hajjah fatimah
    authorized official build year 1846, the mosque Hajjah Fatimah named after a woman who Malay Malacca stem married with the national champion Bugis rich. Although this is a mix of style architecture different, temple back affected most by architecture uk.
    Temple was built on campus house before of Hajjah Fatimah on the way Java. After escaped from home fires by the destruction caused, she has ordered that build a temple on the ground. Surrounded by hedge high, regional Temple Hajjah Fatimah includes a holiday sugar, a tomb raiders (burial Hajjah Fatimah), housing of a Imam (priest Malaysia), a region on holiday confess, some house women and a garden.
    Perhaps the image strange thing you will notice here is a tower synagogue unique designed by an architect European defect list. Tower tilt about 6 Degrees compared with center, make this has become one of the landscape unique most in Singapore.
    Location: 4001 Beach Road Singapore 199584
    Instructions: Go subway mrt station Lavender (EW11) and walk along the beach
    4. Temple Sri Mariamman
    Temple Sri mariamman
    Temple Sri Mariamman is temple Hindu oldest Singapore, built in the year 1827. Situated in the Chinatown, Mariamman Kovil or famous called Temple City Kling was built by immigrants from the county and Nagapatnam Cuddalorre of southern India.
    From 1827 years, the whole frame brick temple currently done building in the year 1843. The veneer added to after that is an image of the gods depicted on the wall, the doors decorated with results bell and his pictures poster graphics is superimposed on the ceiling.
    The temple was built to worship the Goddess Mariamman - the goddess famous with the power can be cured of disease. Please looked at the gate tower (gopuram) tough with the sculpture sketching the gods and monsters in the mythology. To admit that right now this is a list of all the credit system map Hindu each people Singapore.
    During this period, colonial temple role is cultural center of activities community and headquarters registered married for the Hindu at the time only the priests of the temple are allowed on the wedding of the Hindu. Festival Theemithi (festival go on fire), one of the festival main election at the temple, held at about October and November every year.
    Note: As well as all the temples Hindu temples other, you need attention some ritual certain. Please take off your shoes before entering the temple. When you go into the temple, go clockwise and just walk around the main power with rpm retail for good luck.
    Address: 244 South Bridge Road Singapore 058793
    Read more: >>>
    Instructions: Go subway station City Hall (EW13/NS25), bus SBS 103, 166, 197 or bus SMRT 61 from North Bridge
    5. Ðền church Kong Meng San Phor Kark
    Temple Kong meng san phor kark
    lying across a slope hill, cluster temple Buddhist this is one of the places where ancestral altars biggest Singapore. The temples here is the pattern typical of forms of ornamental, patterns the statue and the high temple in style Chinese. In addition, space silence here is graces more by the lake raised turtles large, gardens peaceful, and prayers shade Iran.
    Location: 88 Bright Hill Road, Singapore 574117
    Instructions: Ðón bus number 401 (license number white) from the train station transit car or Bishan take taxis from the subway Bishan (NS17).

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